Elder Law

Virginia Elder Law Lawyer

The elder law practice of GANDERSON LAW, P.C. addresses issues affecting the elder population, including, but not limited to, the safeguarding of assets, planning and financing long-term care, and Medicaid planning.  A significant number of elderly individuals are, or will be, confronted with the need for assisted living and/or long-term care.

Financial Concerns

With increasing health care costs and most of the elder population living on a fixed income, it is increasingly important for individuals to anticipate future health care needs and, to the extent possible, plan in advance for these needs.

Many financing alternatives have emerged in response to the growing cost of health care needs in order to protect a healthy spouse from being forced to expend all of the couple’s shared resources for the care of one spouse.  These financing alternatives also protect children who have to bear the expense of their parents’ care.  However, many of the alternatives are only effective if employed prior to the onset of a need for assisted living and/or long-term care.

General Concerns

Elder law is a diverse field of law and the services to be rendered by an attorney will vary depending upon the needs of each individual client.  The elder law practice of GANDERSON LAW, P.C. focuses on:

  • Educating clients with regard to the various types of care available (either at home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home) and the relative costs of such care
  • Analyzing each individual client’s current resources
  • Informing clients of the various alternatives available to them to cover the costs of future health care
  • Working with clients to implement the alternative that best suits their individual needs

GANDERSON LAW, P.C. renders elder law services to a wide range of clients, including elderly individuals who have a current need for assistance, younger generations who wish to assist elderly family members or friends who have an anticipated or current need for assistance, and young individuals who wish to plan in advance for their anticipated future health care needs.

GANDERSON LAW, P.C. prides itself on rendering effective and tailored planning services to each of its elder law clients.  This individualized approach encourages advantageous planning to effectuate the goals of each elder law client.