Formation of
Business Entities and Business Transactions

GANDERSON LAW, P.C. advises and assists clients with regard to the formation of Virginia business entities and business transactions. From advising individuals with regard to which form of business entity best suits their individual and anticipated business needs, to advising business entities with regard to matters such as buy-sell agreements, liquidations, reorganizations, stock redemptions, employment agreements, and non-competition agreements, GANDERSON LAW, P.C. offers a wide range of services to accommodate the particular needs of its business clients.

Form of Business Entity

Selecting the form of business entity best suited to one’s individual and anticipated business needs can be an overwhelming process.  With varying options such as corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, an individual may wish to engage GANDERSON LAW, P.C. to assist him or her with this selection process.  GANDERSON LAW, P.C. can be a valuable asset and ready source of knowledge to a business entity from its onset through the duration of its existence.

Individualized Approach

Through its experience in handling an array of transactions on behalf of closely-held business entities, GANDERSON LAW, P.C. is able to assist each business client with its particular needs.  GANDERSON LAW, P.C. prides itself on its individualized approach to accomplishing each client’s specific goals, whether related to an anticipated transaction or making recommendations in order to address general concerns of the business entity, such as the maximization of the profitability of the business entity or the minimization of the liability of the business entity.

Tax Matters

With regard to tax matters affecting the business entity, Mr. Ganderson is a valuable asset, having previously practiced as a certified public accountant.  Mr. Ganderson has had occasion to handle, and consult with regard to, corporate tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and the Virginia Department of Taxation.  Mr. Ganderson has successfully assisted business clients in realizing considerable tax savings.  As unforeseen federal and Virginia tax liabilities imposed upon a business entity are potentially devastating, it is especially important that, should circumstances necessitate, a business entity engage an attorney or law firm, such as GANDERSON LAW, P.C., experienced in business related tax matters.