Tax Planning

Virginia Tax Planning Attorney

GANDERSON LAW, P.C. advises clients with regard to tax planning.  When rendering tax planning services on behalf of a client, GANDERSON LAW, P.C. assists clients in identifying the tax related issues, determining the objectives the client desires to accomplish, determining the tax treatment accorded to the transaction(s) required to accomplish such objectives, and investigating alternatives that will accomplish the client’s objectives with the most favorable tax effects.

Mr. Ganderson, having previously practiced as a certified public accountant, has an extensive background in tax matters.  Mr. Ganderson has had occasion to handle, and consult with regard to, corporate tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and the Virginia Department of Taxation.  As unforeseen tax liabilities are potentially devastating, whenever circumstances necessitate, individuals, estates, trusts, and business entities alike should engage an attorney or law firm, such as GANDERSON LAW, P.C., experienced in tax related matters.

GANDERSON LAW, P.C. takes a proactive role in advising its clients, including both individuals and business entities, as well as trusts and estates, of the potential tax implications associated with proposed transactions and making recommendations for each client.  GANDERSON LAW, P.C. handles a variety of tax planning matters for its clients, including, but not limited to:

  • Advising clients on the minimization of federal and Virginia income taxes and estate taxes
  • Deferral of gains
  • Making the best use of losses
  • Gifting matters

GANDERSON LAW, P.C. offers a diversity of tax planning services, and tailors such services in order to satisfy the specific tax related needs of each client.